Download Album Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

Song Artist Duration Size
It's Time Imagine Dragons 04:00 8.06 MB
On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 03:12 6.62 MB
Radioactive Imagine Dragons 03:06 6.51 MB
Hear Me Imagine Dragons 03:55 8.63 MB
Tiptoe Imagine Dragons 03:14 6.91 MB
Underdog Imagine Dragons 03:29 7.20 MB
Nothing Left to Say / Rocks Imagine Dragons 08:59 17.86 MB
Bleeding Out Imagine Dragons 03:43 7.53 MB
Digital Booklet - Night Visions Imagine Dragons 00:00 1.30 MB
Every Night Imagine Dragons 03:37 7.37 MB
Amsterdam Imagine Dragons 04:01 8.12 MB
Fallen Imagine Dragons 02:59 6.57 MB
Demons Imagine Dragons 02:57 6.05 MB
Working Man Imagine Dragons 03:55 8.21 MB
The album Imagine Dragons - Night Visions contains 13 tracks that accumulates 00:51:07 minutes or 106.94 MB
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A short description:
Hailing from Las Vegas, Imagine Dragon’s sound mirrors its hometown’s blended contrast of the constructed (glimmering buildings) with the natural (majestic desert). Tracks such as beat heavy opener “Radioactive” and the masterfully layered “Demons” could be performed acoustically around the campfire or electrified in concert. “Tiptoe” has elements of classic ‘80s technopop, while “On Top of the World” is a joyous handclap-driven number with big harmony vocals on the chorus and happy drumming. Both the airplay-friendly sound and thoughtful lyrics of “Every Night” are timeless, with steady acoustic guitar strumming, booming yet restrained drumming, and an emotive electric guitar solo all in play on this gently rocking ballad.