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Song Artist Duration Size
Bound ta Git Down Shooter Jennings 02:51 5.90 MB
Do You Love Texas? Shooter Jennings 03:41 7.49 MB
Living in a Minor Key Shooter Jennings 03:12 6.61 MB
D.R.U.N.K. Shooter Jennings 03:33 7.24 MB
Shades & Hues Shooter Jennings 04:26 8.94 MB
I'm Wild & My Woman Is Crazy Shooter Jennings 03:03 6.32 MB
Fast Horses & Good Hideouts Shooter Jennings 03:40 7.48 MB
Rhinestone Eyes Shooter Jennings 03:36 7.37 MB
Denim & Diamonds Shooter Jennings 03:26 7.03 MB
The album Shooter Jennings - Shooter contains 9 tracks that accumulates 00:31:28 minutes or 64.38 MB
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A short description:
Shooter Jennings’ previous album, 2016’s Countach, was, rather improbably, a tribute to electronic pioneer Giorgio Moroder. For Shooter, the son of outlaw-country legend Waylon Jennings has returned to his roots, but not without the winking sense of humor that’s always been present in his work. For one, the record has a visual accompaniment in the form of a Hee Haw-style variety show, complete with cornpone one-liners and cameos from Elle King and Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell. The music itself is throwback country at its finest, with barroom singalongs (“Do You Love Texas?”) and Hank-inspired ballads (“Rhinestone Eyes”) mingling with cheeky David Allan Coe-style drinking songs (“D.R.U.N.K.”). Oh, and “Fast Horses & Good Hideouts” was inspired by a correspondence with Randy Quaid. What more could you want?